Is there a wind of change for climate policy?

We closed this round of Express Debates with climate change on the menu. The debate was moderated by Jean-Paul Judson and featured Anna Widegren from the European Youth Forum, who made a strong plea to involve youth organisations more in these topics as they represent the future generations that will be most impacted by current policies on climate change; Alexandre Affre from BusinessEurope, who confirmed the commitment of the business community to achieve the climate targets and that what appear as long-term goals for citizens are in reality very short-term when it comes to business invesments; Delphine Misonne from Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles, who made the case for more legal action against governments that do not live up to their duties on climate action; and Thorfinn Stainforth from the Institute for European Environmental Policy, who put climate impacts in the broader perspective of production and consumption.