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07 March 2023

Are Virtual Worlds in the process of replacing direct human contact and social bonds?

Virtual worlds are computer-based simulations that allow users to interact with a digital environment and with each other through avatars or digital representations of themselves. These virtual worlds can take many forms, from simple 2D platforms to complex 3D environments that simulate real-world physics and interactions.

Are Virtual Worlds a transformation of the internet into something else, what can be their major applications and what can we expect from the European Commission’s non-legislative initiative on Virtual Worlds? We discussed these interesting questions with Laetitia Bochud, President of XR4EUROPE.

About Laetitia Bochud

Before joining the tech scene as XR ecosystem builder, accelerator, and facilitator, Laetitia has spent 10 years in the marketing & communication field, mainly in the luxury and watchmaking industry, after a start as a freelance journalist and completion of her political science studies in New York and Geneva. She joined Virtual Switzerland to shape and develop the association into the gateway to #SwissXR. Now the director, she advises companies and startups, fostering tech transfer, synergies, and promoting the adoption and integration of XR across industries. This spring, she has also been appointed president of XR4Europe, the association federating all XR professionals, organizations, and initiatives to support XR and creativity made in Europe.


XR4EUROPE is a pan-European association that federates all the XR professionals, organisations and initiatives to foster, promote and represent XR innovation, industry and creativity made in Europe. XR4EUROPE is the result of the XR4ALL project supported by the European Commission’s H2020 programme that ran from December 2018 to August 2021 and which aimed at strengthening the European Immersive Technologies Industry.