NOWMORE was founded on the principle that moderation plays a fundamental role in any decision-making process.

We consider that:

— A moderator is impartial. —
— A moderator is informed. —
— A moderator creates context. —
— A moderator frames the problem. —
— A moderator raises questions. —
— Above all, a moderator listens. —

At NOWMORE, we take moderation seriously and your ideas even more. We aim to be your partner in bringing more clarity to collective dialogue, more dynamism to your partnerships, and more engagement on your strategy.

NOWMORE was founded in January 2019 by Jean-Paul Judson.

I am half-English, half-French. A combination some consider to be rather unusual, and they are right: whether it’s in law, politics, education, comedy or culture, nothing can be more different than each side of the Channel.

Maybe that partly explains why I am not able to say yes or no. I need to contemplate options before making a decision. That makes me, profoundly, a moderator. It is in-built in my character and rooted in the philosophical contradiction of my national origins.

Faithful to my dual nationality, I hold a degree in Politics & Sociology from Royal Holloway University (London, UK) and a Masters in European Affairs from Sciences Po (Paris, France).

But it’s sociology that shapes the way I confront everyday life. In the manner of a zoom-in zoom-out approach, I define sociology as the science of context, based on two fundamental notions:

— No problem exists without a context. —
— No analysis is possible without first setting the problem in the right context. —

My vision for moderation is to bring sociology centre stage, whether it’s for events, for partnerships or for strategy. If sociology is the science of context, then moderation is its art form. That is why I founded NOWMORE, to inspire moderation.

From my experience in European public affairs, my areas of expertise are: local, regional and urban policy; research & innovation; plant breeding, seed production and agriculture; climate action and circular economy; packaging; sports; gender politics.

Event Moderation

Make your events MORE engaging.

Organising an event can be a nerve-wracking experience. It takes a lot of planning, and yet there are always unexpected last-minute hiccups. Not to mention the stress of facing an unruly or apathetic audience.

NOWMORE performs on the day and takes responsibility for the quality of your debate, the level of audience engagement and ensures that your positions are well expressed and understood. NOWMORE does not take sides, but supports you to organise your ideas, present your argument and make your voice heard.

— Panel debate —
— Conference facilitation —
— Master of Ceremony —

Stakeholder engagement

Get MORE from your partnerships.

The business of partnership takes many shapes: alliances, coalitions, networks, joint initiatives, platforms, roundtables, associations, clusters…That’s because the more interests converge towards the same objective, the higher the chances of success – especially in the context of a public affairs or reputational campaign.

NOWMORE sets your strategy on value chain collaboration, external cooperation (public-private partnership, research-industry partnership, industry-NGO partnership etc…), or policy (joint lobbying initiative, citizen debates, policy dialogues…).

NOWMORE accompanies your outreach actions by providing a neutral platform and facilitating the partnership process so that all partners commit to the same objective, while ensuring your views are understood and taken into account.

— Facilitation —
— Coordination —
— Stakeholder activation —
— Secretariat —

Governance and strategy

Turn MORE ideas into action.

Not everything can be anticipated. But many visions and strategies fail on their inability to address the limitations and constraints they operate in. The end-result is usually dissatisfaction and frustration for everyone involved, as new visions reflect unrealistic targets or, after much ado about nothing, offer no substantial change.

NOWMORE accompanies the strategic development of organisations wishing to reshape or rethink their vision, mission statement and internal processes. Our service and expertise is especially adapted to membership-based organisations.

By facilitating a participatory process, NOWMORE develops strategy and governance models that are legitimate, concerted and coordinated. The end-result is a greater uptake of the strategy, greater success in implementation and higher membership involvement.

— Vision & Mission —
— Political positioning —
— Membership involvement —
— Membership acquisition —

Want to know MORE? 

"The silence in the room was so unusually quiet that the beginning of it seemed rather loud when the utter stillness of the end of it had been encountered."— Flann O'Brien, The Third Policeman

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